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House Water Filtration System in Minneapolis, MN

Turn on your tap without being worried about the quality of water you are drinking, washing your dishes with, and bathing in. Let us help you protect your family with a house water filtration system installed by Champion Plumbing. Because many homes in our area also depend on well water, there is no regulatory body testing and cleaning your water.

Our plumbers are highly-qualified in the field of water filtration installation, whether you need a whole-home system or treatment for one part of your water. Let our plumbers take care of your water with a new house water filtration system in Minneapolis, MN.

Water Filtration System in Minneapolis, MN

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Comes with Lifelong Benefits

When you add reverse osmosis water filtration to your home, the water that comes into your taps is filtered and all of the impurities are drained out before the water hits your glass. Our plumbers recommend this type of system because of their longevity and extensive list of benefits which include:

• No Additional Use of Energy
• Cleaning Your Dishes on the First Run
• Balancing the pH Levels of Your Water
•Making Your Water Softer
•Improved Taste and Appearance of Your Water
•Keeping Your Washing Machine Running Properly
• Removal of Bacteria, Chlorine, and More
• Saving Money on Replacing Fixtures More Regularly
• Eliminating Allergens and Skin Irritants from the Water
• Extending the Life of Your Pipes and Appliances
• Protecting the Plumbing System from Lime Build-Up

Water Filtration Installation, Replacement, & Repair

Because the water in our area comes from numerous sources, many of which are private wells, your water filtration system will likely get a lot of wear and tear from mineral build-up. Before you commit to a complete replacement, let our plumbers assess your system and see if a repair is the right option for you. Our licensed and insured plumbers are specialists in water filtration repair.

Affordable Water Filtration Repair

The parts that wear out on your water filtration system are typically affordable to replace and can restore your system to like-new condition with one quick service. Our licensed and insured plumbers are familiar with every type of system and can conduct preventative water filtration repair.

Transform your home today with the help of our plumbers able to add a new house water filtration system for you. Contact us today to learn more about water filtration systems. We serve clients in the areas of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Edina, Prior Lake, and the surrounding communities.